Gianni Hanging Ghost - White
Gianni Hanging Ghost - White

Gianni Hanging Ghost - White

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Gianni the Hanging Ghost is a ghostly trendsetter that will upgrade your Halloween decor to seriously scary! This spooky sensation is all about turning heads with his hauntingly fashionable ensemble.

Gianni's skull is adorned with a mesmerizing layer of shimmering glitter, ensuring he catches the eye from every angle. Dressed to impress, he wears an ethereal white tulle gown. It's a ghostly combination that's both eerie and effortlessly stylish.

A pointed wispy ostrich feather headdress atop his sparkling head adds a mystique to his ensemble. With carefully placed accents, it's the ultimate accessory that shows Gianni has an eye for dark fashion. And what's that he's clutching? A white felt purse with a glittered clasp, the perfect ghostly accessory.

Gianni, the Hanging Ghost, is ready to bring a new level of ghostly glam to your Halloween decor. Hang him from a doorway, porch, or tree branch, and watch as he becomes the envy of all the other apparitions. With his shimmering skull, stylish attire, and hauntingly trendy accessories, he's the ghost you'll want haunting your home.

 See Gianni's counterpart Hugo below.

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