Samantha the Flying Witch - Black
Samantha the Flying Witch - Black

Samantha the Flying Witch - Black

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Prepare to be spellbound by Samantha, the Flying Witch, the enchantress of the night! This mystical sorceress is here to add a touch of magic and whimsy to your Halloween festivities with her bewitching presence.

Samantha's white face, with its hooked nose, is a canvas of shimmering glitter, casting an otherworldly glow that captures the essence of the moonlight. And, of course, no witch is complete without her signature black felt witch's hat, perched atop Samantha's head with an air of timeless charm.

Dressed in layers of black tulle, Samantha embodies the essence of mysterious elegance. Her flowing gown adds a touch of ethereal beauty, billowing with every gust of wind as she soars through the night sky.

But that's not all! Samantha takes to the skies on her trusty broomstick with jute bristles, ready to traverse the mystical realms. And what's that dangling from the broomstick? A black felt handbag adorned with a dazzling rhinestone brooch. It's the perfect accessory to keep her essential potions and spellbooks close at hand, even in flight.

Samantha the Flying Witch embodies Halloween magic, bringing a sense of wonder and delight. Whether she's suspended from the ceiling or adorning your front porch, she's sure to be the focal point of awe and admiration.

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