Boris the Warlock - Black

Boris the Warlock - Black

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Prepare to be enchanted by Boris the Warlock, the dashing sorcerer of Halloween night! This spectral gentleman is here to bewitch your senses with his elegantly eerie style.

Boris's skull is adorned with a captivating layer of glitter, illuminating the darkness with its enchanting glow. He graces the scene in a magnificent black robe gracefully draped with an overlay of delicate black tulle and accented with Gothic brooches and black chains, creating an aura of mystical sophistication.

But that's not all that makes Boris a fashion maestro. Atop his spectral head rests a pointed black wizard's hat, adding a dash of stylish charm to his attire. With meticulously placed accents, it exudes an irresistible allure. And let's not overlook his white glittered pumpkin—a striking contrast that brings an element of unexpected to his ensemble.

Boris the Warlock is prepared to make a grand entrance into your Halloween celebrations. Whether showcased as a centerpiece or incorporated into your spooky decorations, he will enchant you with his sophistication and mystery, leaving your guests spellbound.

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