Woodpecker on Log Ornament  - Natural

Woodpecker on Log Ornament - Natural

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Meet our wonderous woodpecker! This extraordinary avian sensation is covered from head to tail in a mesmerizing coat of light-reflecting glass glitter, ensuring it catches the light and steals the spotlight wherever it goes. But our woodpecker doesn't stop there—it knows how to accessorize with flair. Adorning its magnificent crown is a silvered tiara embellished with a delicate wispy feather that adds an extra touch of elegance and whimsy. 

Our Daredevil Woodpecker takes its position on a magnificent log swing, providing the perfect stage for our fearless flyer to showcase its acrobatic talents. With a wire hanger, you can easily suspend this captivating creature in any space, letting its presence add a dash of nature's enchantment to your surroundings.

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