Valentino with Wings - White, Sherpa Fur

Valentino with Wings - White, Sherpa Fur

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Valentino shimmers and shines with a generous coating of sparkling German silver glass glitter. Every move creates a symphony of glimmering lights, making Valentino a true star of the season.

But the glamour doesn't stop there! Valentino's wings are adorned with delicate wispy white feathers, adding an ethereal touch to its already mesmerizing presence. The pièce de résistance is his elegant sherpa faux-fur full-length coat, with a snow-colored fur collar trim dotted with tiny jingle bell buttons.

Valentino proudly wears a sparkling white crown to complete his regal ensemble, declaring his status as the king of holiday style. And a cream-colored satin rose florette adds a final flourish to this creature's impeccable fashion sense.

With Valentino by your side, your holiday decor will reach new heights of style and whimsy. This captivating creation embodies elegance and charm,  making it the perfect addition to any festive display.

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