Valentino Pouf Ornament - Gold Mica, Rabbit Fur

Valentino Pouf Ornament - Gold Mica, Rabbit Fur

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Indulge your festive fantasies with the charismatic charm of our Valentino stag ornament. This dashing deer, boasting a nose adorned with a rhinestone that rivals the twinkle in Santa's eye, is here to steal the spotlight and sleigh your holiday decor game.

Valentino is not just any ornament, he is drenched in light-reflecting gold mica. With each flicker and glimmer, he transforms your tree into a radiant spectacle, dazzling both young and young-at-heart.

Atop his noble head rests a silver crown fit for the majestic king of yuletide fun. With regal authority, Valentino reigns supreme.

Nestled upon a cozy faux rabbit fur pouf, our stag of splendor knows the art of comfort and style. His chosen resting place exudes a sense of warmth and luxury, creating the perfect ambiance for a whimsical holiday display that will make Rudolph green with envy.


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