Valentino Pouf Ornament - Dove, Bisque Fur

Valentino Pouf Ornament - Dove, Bisque Fur

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Our Valentino stag ornament is a vision in dove-colored elegance, with a ruby rhinestone-studded nose that shines with the intensity of a supernova. He's got style and sophistication, and he knows it!

Valentino doesn't just settle for ordinary allure; he takes it up a notch with his lavish coating of sparkling glass glitter. The crowning glory that adorns our charismatic stag is a magnificent silver tinsel headdress, sitting atop his noble head like a regal crown. It exudes an aura of grandeur and elegance.

Resting comfortably on a plush bisque-colored faux-fur pouf, Valentino commands attention with his impeccable taste in luxurious accommodations. 

If you're searching for a touch of whimsy, sophistication, and an unrivaled sense of flair, look no further than Valentino. He is guaranteed to elevate your holiday tree with his irresistible allure.

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