Twig 18" Wreath - Silver

Twig 18" Wreath - Silver

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Our enchanting twig wreath is where nature meets sparkle most delightfully! Adorned with not one but two charming pinecones, this wreath combines rustic elegance with a touch of glimmer.

Prepare to be dazzled as the wreath twinkles with the magic of German silver glass glitter, casting a shimmering spell upon all who behold it. Suspended at the center with a graceful satin ribbon, it hangs with a sense of whimsy and grace, ready to add a sprinkle of holiday cheer to any space.

Atop its branches sits a beautiful bow that could make Santa's elves green with envy. With a frosty pine bough nestled delicately beside it, this wreath is a picture of winter wonder.

Hang this captivating creation on your door, wall, or anywhere that needs a touch of seasonal charm. Our twig wreath is the perfect way to welcome the holidays with its rustic allure, sparkling accents, and bow that brings joy to even the grumpiest of grinches.

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