Igor the Owl
Igor the Owl

Igor the Owl

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Introducing Igor the Owl is a hoot-worthy addition to your Halloween decor! Crafted from natural sisal, this feathery friend brings a touch of nature's charm to your festive celebrations.

Igor is all about style, sporting a pointed black felt witch's hat adorned with delicate black tulle and a shimmering silvered brooch. His fashion sense making him the most fashionable owl in the forest.

Place Igor on your mantel or perch him on a spooky branch to add a whimsical touch to your Halloween display. His natural sisal texture and attention-grabbing hat will catch the eye of all who pass by, while his mischievous charm will leave them smiling.

This delightful owl is the perfect companion for Halloween, bringing a mix of nature and elegance to your decorations. Let Igor be your feathered sidekick, creating a spooky and stylish ambiance that will impress even the most discerning guests.

Igor is great by himself or paired with his sidekick, Ben the Rat. See below.

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