Bauble Ornament with Pinecones- Small, Silver

Bauble Ornament with Pinecones- Small, Silver

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This bauble takes its rightful place amidst the branches, casting a magical glow that rivals a disco ball at a festive dance-off. Its surface boasts a generous coating of light-reflecting German silver glitter, creating a dazzling spectacle that can outshine even the most radiant shooting stars. 

Perched atop are silvered tiny pinecones and pine needles resting on a luscious satin bow. These charming accents add a whimsical twist to the glimmering festivities, bringing a touch of woodland enchantment. 

Adding a touch of sheer indulgence, we've adorned the bauble with a satin ribbon hanger. It's the perfect finishing touch to this masterpiece of merriment.

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