Karl the Krow - Black
Karl the Krow - Black

Karl the Krow - Black

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Prepare to be captivated by Karl the Krow, the dapper avian sensation! With his signature black feathers and sparkling style, he's here to bring a touch of charm and mystery to your festivities.

Karl's feathers are like a starry night, his beak and sharp talons shimmering with the allure of German silver glass glitter. 

Perched atop his head is a black felt witch's hat accentuated with a whimsical touch of black tulle. It adds intrigue to his ensemble, perfectly complementing his bewitching persona. And don't miss the rhinestone brooch, sparkling with its spellbinding magic, adorning his hat in a dazzling display.

Karl is a crow of style, donning a silver beaded necklace that adds a touch of sophistication to his look. And as he gracefully moves, a trailing tulle train follows him, lending an air of mystique to his every step.

Karl the Krow is ready to take flight into your every day and Halloween decor. Whether perched on a branch, overseeing a spooky scene, or adorning your tabletop, he brings a sense of elegance and intrigue to any setting.

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