Witch Hat - Black
Witch Hat - Black

Witch Hat - Black

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Introducing our wickedly glamorous Halloween Witch Hat, the must-have accessory for all enchanting spellcasters and stylish sorceresses! This hat is no ordinary hat—it's a bewitching masterpiece that will make you the talk of the coven.

Crafted from black felt, this hat screams witchy elegance. It's adorned with layers of delicate black tulle, adding a touch of ethereal mystery. Generously drizzled with chunks of black ice glitter, it gives it a glamorous sparkle that will make heads turn.

The crowning glory is the glittered skull perched on the hat's brim. Dressed in a glittered silver tiara, it exudes an air of macabre royalty. Each shimmering detail is a dazzling reminder that even the wickedest witches can have a touch of glamour.

Whether casting spells or simply embracing the spirit of Halloween, our Witch Hat will elevate your decor to bewitching heights.

A ghostly white version of our Witch Hat is also available. See below.

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