Stocking with Fawn 10 " - Cream, Eggshell Fur

Stocking with Fawn 10 " - Cream, Eggshell Fur

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Our fawn-tastic fur stocking is a whimsical twist on a classic holiday essential! This eggshell-colored faux-fur stocking is a sight to behold,  

Nestled at the forefront of this exquisite stocking is a tiny cream-colored fawn covered in a coat of light-reflecting glass glitter! This adorable woodland creature brings a touch of enchantment to your fireplace mantel, capturing the magic of the season with its glistening presence. Sporting a matching fur scarf, it's clear that this little deer knows how to stay warm in the winter while maintaining its impeccable fashion sense. 

With its enchanting fawn, sparkling glass glitter, and fashionable fur scarf, it's a stocking that deserves only the most delightful treats. It's a stocking fit for the most stylish of Santa's deliveries and the perfect vessel for your holiday wishes and surprises. No one would dare put coal in this stocking! 

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