Comet - White, Snow Fur

Comet - White, Snow Fur

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Our dazzling Cometr is more than just a reindeer; it's a superstar in its own right. Comet shines brighter than the disco ball at Santa's after-party with a generous dusting of clear sparkling glass glitter.

This stylish deer knows how to accessorize like no other. A fluffy snow-colored faux-fur scarf is wrapped around its graceful neck, adding a touch of winter glam. Comet also flaunts a glittered white snowflake brooch and a headpiece.

Comet is not just a lone ranger; it knows the power of companionship. While it can steal the show as a stand-alone centerpiece, it also plays well with others. Pair it with our other deer creations, and witness the magic as they form a pure elegance and wit herd.

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